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Is It Reliable to Buy Eth Classic from Thodex?

The answer to the question of whether buying Eth classic from Thodex is reliable is being questioned by many people. As it is known, it is possible to make high amounts of profits from cryptocurrencies traded here. However, the opposite may be the case. Here, price changes and trading change instantaneously. Therefore, it is highly likely to cause damage on a platform that is having a reliability problem.  Thodex will always be the right address for avoiding this negative situation. Because  thodex  has a high security system. Double-stage security verification is used here, so users’ contact information and information about investments are protected at the highest level. In this way, investment transactions can be carried out easily 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to Buy Eth Classic from Thodex

To buy ETH Classic from Thodex, the website or d mobile app can be used. For this purpose, the system is first installed with e-mail address and password information. Investors who will use it for the first time need to register. People who will use the app can easily  download it through the  App Store or google play store. There is no fee to create a membership. Orders are created through the Order first table to make purchases here. This also applies to sales transactions. The quantity, unit, and total fields must be filled in when creating these orders. The total value is calculated automatically after the unit and quantity are entered.

Eth Classic Purchases from Thodex

For ETH Classic purchases from Thodex, a purchase order is created first. In order to make the purchase, TL  deposit must be made to the account. Before depositing, a TL deposit request is generated and it is necessary to make sure that the IBAN number to be deposited belongs to Thodex.  In order to do this, an overdue account in the user’s own name must be used. By depositing, the amount of TL must be at least the base amount. Any bank in the country may be used when re transfer or EFT is made. You must also enter a 7-digit description code during the process.


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