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How to Buy Eth Classic from Thodex

Thodex, one of the  platforms where cryptocurrency trading is carried out in Turkey, has the most bank and cryptocurrency options. The platform offers experienced and fully equipped personnel in the area. This site, which provides uninterrupted service through the website, operates worldwide.  Thodex, which always cares about principles such as quality and reliable service, investment security fe user experience, gives users a global cryptocurrency experience.

Although Bitcoin usually comes to mind first when it comes to cryptocurrencies, Ethereum follows in its advantageous features. Thodex, which has the most cryptocurrency options in the country, allows all kinds of cryptocurrencies, especially Ethereum,  to be bought and sold. Support for ETH  classic can be obtained from the site for 24 hours, seven days a week.

ETH Classic Trading with Thodex

The answer to the question of how to buy ETH Classic from Thodex is reserved on the website. To do this, the site is registered first and the account is opened. During the registration phase, it is first selected whether to open an individual or corporate account. Then the e-mail, password, repeat password and  reference code, if any, are entered. The pre-registration process is completed by marking the security inquiry as well. Verification may then be required on the account. E-mail and password information should be easily remembered as thodex  system will use for later entries. No fees are paid for the membership and trading can be carried out on the current cryptocurrency values written on the site.

Buy to ETH Classic

To purchase ETH Classic, the total, unit price and quantity fields in the section allocated for this transaction must be filled in. Here, the unit price is the value of the cryptocurrency to be purchased, while the amount shows how much money to buy. The total portion is calculated automatically after these values are written. By entering the market page, the trading table here can be used. All transactions performed here are carried out instantaneously and are traded with in the framework of purchase orders or sales orders.


Thodex Bitcoin Buy And Sell - Coin Trade
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